Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Best Blog to Follow about Eagle’s Uship Clone Script

As the internet Technologies getting advance day by day u-ship clone script doing a major role in the online business and if you are new in u-ship clone script, you should know what is u-ship clone script actually?

Do you what uship clone script really mean: - uship clone script is a script which help’s the client how to book their shipment online in different ways. uship clone script helps the businessmen can improve their business skills and present their business thing in front of global Traders and form this way he can get business from not only the local but also all around the world. U-ship clone script is also designed for suppliers, traders, Wholesalers, manufactures, distributors, import, export etc and by this beautiful concept you can start your own business.

uship clone script is very easy to use. As an admin customer can start their business by using this script to help the customer to find a way how to book their shipment online in different ways. Anyone can use this script. This script is available for all World Wide Web customers. It also provides you 365*24*7 customer support. Uship clone script basic installation is free. 

Features of U-ship clone script:-

  1.          In this script customer can store unlimited data.
  2.          It is very easy to use.
  3.         Online booking
  4.          Payment Gateway
  5.          Customer/Transporter login 
  6.          Customer/Transporter My account
  7.          Compare given Quote
  8.          Mobile Compatible
  9.          Email Alert
  10.          User friendly

Uship clone script divided into two different sub categories:-

  1.          Admin Dashboard
  2.          Master control

Admin Dashboard: - As an admin customer can check. How many users are registered in a day? In shipment active and shipment undelivered option as an admin customer can check how much shipment delivered and undelivered are available in a day or week. In payment option customer can check how many payments received or not received in a week. As an admin customer can check all Web enquirers which is received by customer through E-mail. In this active or inactive quote option admin can manage all transporter posted shipment quote, admin can make active or inactive quote. 
Master Control: - In this section there is some different option available for example likes category, payment gateways, Add Vehicle, Add notice board, country list, mails template, news list and so many other options are available. In add notice board option any customer can any notice regarding the product and in show notice board option customer can check all kinds of notice. In this section customer can check in which country our service is available or not. As an admin customer can add city or state in which the service should be available or not. In this script customer can check full detail info for example like: - Receiver detail, pickup dates, delivery dates and shipment details. In this script there is one service option available. In this option customer can check what Kind of service facilities available. In this script customer needs to enter a consignment detail with online tracking feature and then customer get his own complete website.
For purchasing uship clone and other courier clone like DHL, FEDEX one can visit the website: